The Best Shoes for a Holiday

Because I only have a week before I finish work and head off to the lands of cheese, swarthy men and mushy peas (France, Spain and the UK, guys, come on). I'm obviously doing a lot of thinking about what to pack. Okay, I've been thinking about this for at least 7 weeks now, if I'm honest, and shoes have been top of my list. That's because I'm no longer of an age where wearing thongs around for hours on end is feasible, but I don't want to embrace the full socks and sneakers thing, which has leg stumpifying effects if you have less than doe-like legs going on. So! My weeks of angsting have resulted in three options I believe to be comfortable and reasonably stylish (plus a pair of heels to wear to the wedding I'm going to in the south of France). 

Without further ado...

1. These cute Superga x Steven Alan sneaks have me flashing back to 1986 and my preschool footwear of choice. Hey, if it's good enough for finger painting, it's good enough for Paris.

Velu sneaker, US$79

Shoes for European trip |

2. I spotted these in Country Road yesterday and I instantly fell in love (but I waited to buy, cos they have a spend and save promotion starting tomorrow). I think they'll be perfect for when I need something a little bit daintier, but they still have really good supportive soles (Jesus, I really am turning into my mother). 

3 Shoes for Europe |

3. Birks, because they're just so bloody comfortable even if they look like boats. I'm beyond caring. 

Arizona Birkenstocks, $120

Best shoes for Europe |

Now I just need a pedicure (and a funds injection). 

What are your fave shoes to wear travelling?