Shopping for Winter

My shopping for winter in Los Angeles last year consisted of a new cardi, jeans and two pairs of trackie daks, which was a pretty accurate reflection of my life there: casual, stay-at-home and not really that cold (I'm not counting the ugly Christmas sweater I bought for our party, although that was a highlight). This winter, though! Oh, I am so making up for it. Not only does it get colder and rainier here in Sydney, my office-appropriate wardrobe was seriously depleted after more than two years of freelancing (see: trakkie daks). I hadn't bought a winter scarf since 2011. My favourite coat is five years old. And in the last few weeks, when it's started to get kind of chilly, I've been living in my two pairs of black jeans. So, I've been on a bit of a spree. And yeah, I did feel guilty about the money I spent when there are people starving at sea, so I also donated some coin to this refugee agency.

The biggest, most-angsted over purchase was the leather jacket from Trenery - it all started when two very chic women who work at Marie Claire and InStyle (respectively) started wearing theirs (Givenchy and Zara) and I was consumed by envy. They looked so chic. But it took a lot of searching to find something that ticked my boxes (couldn't have silver or rose gold hardware, couldn't be too shiny, couldn't have a belt, had to have proper biker lapels) and then, when I found it, I ended up getting my size wrong so I had to exchange it. Frankly, it was boring and tiring but I have my jacket (at 25% off, too!) and I'm happy with it. The biggest surprises were the bargains I found at Glassons - I hadn't shopped there in years. Anyway, I thought I'd share the 10 things I've bought to winterproof my wardrobe (and turn it into a black, white and grey zone, apparently). I'm not counting a pair of ill-advised harem pants I bought, which are supremely unflattering, although uber-comfy. I'll just think of them as my trakkies for the year. 


1. Leather jacket | 2. Oversized knit | 3. Stripy knit | 4. Wednesday Addam top (from Sportsgirl, but it's not online | 5. Stripy tee | 6. Huge woollen scarf | 7. Knitted dress | 8. Penny loafers | 9. Patent loafers | 10. Knitted pencil skirt