I can't quite bring myself to watch the final episode of Mad Men. I fell in love with the series before I even fell in love with Michael - back when I first watched it, in 2008, I was a junior writer at Marie Claire with a penchant for vintage dresses and tall, dark and handsome men. And while we've hard our rough patches - those terrible late-60s fashions; the constant repetition of Don's ennui; the sneaking suspicion that January Jones is a one-note actress - I've stayed committed through the ups and downs. 

If I'm honest, Jon Hamm has a lot to do with my love for the show (did I mention the tall, dark, handsome thing?). Even when the storylines are weird and the orange hues begins to infiltrate the frocks, there's always Don to look at. My top three L.A. highlights are 1) seeing Jon Hamm at the Chateau Marmont, looking very drunk, pre-rehab, 2) seeing Jon Hamm at Little Dom's, with longer sideburns that made me sad and 3) seeing Jon Hamm again at Little Dom's, post-rehab and looking happy in his favourite booth. So I'll be sad to say goodbye to the enigmatic, frustrating, woefully-misunderstood (call me!) character that is Don Draper/Dick Whitman. I'm sure Jon will show up on our screens again soon, but it will never be the same. Instead of mourning our loss, let's celebrate the good times. Keep these Dons on handy for every occasion...

Road Trip Don

Book Club Don 

Breakfast for Two Don 

GIrl, You're In Trouble Don 

Procrastinating Don 

Happy Hour Don

Zero Fucks Don 

Bitch Please Don

Beach Holiday Don

Damn, Girl Don

What Coffee Do You Want, Babe? Don

Are you a Mad Men fan? Have you watched the final ep yet?