Dreaming of Hawaii

I'm so mad at myself. For two weeks, I dithered over booking cheap Jetstar flights to Hawaii ($450!). I told myself I'd sort it out on the weekend, before the sale ended, and what did I do? Promptly got caught up with fun weekend things, and forgot. By Monday morning, when I remembered to book, the flights had more than doubled in price. MAN! Sometimes I really shit me. The upshot is, I have precisely zero flights booked for June, when I'm planning to jet off and meet Michael in Oahu, like some kind of glamourous (and organised) type that I'm clearly not. (That person would have booked the sale flights. And perfectly packed her carry-on). But that tiny detail is not going to stop me from dreaming of the North Shore of Oahu, because surely, dammit, there will be cheap flights available again any day now. I mean, look at the place. 



Tempted to go? Here's five places to stay I've got my eye on...

A darling studio + lanai in the sweet surf town of Haleiwa (which I just booked! Flights to come...)

A treehouse, anyone? 

This one seems super serene

If a tiki-tastic A-frame is your thing

This cute cottage fulfills all my holiday shack fantasies 

Have you been to the North Shore? Or have you heard about any cheap flights?!