Last night's season premiere of The Mindy Project was very, very special.

That's not even the best part. THE BEST PART is that Chris Messina (a personal favourite of mine) revealed his skills as ex-stripper Diamond Dan. AND THEY ARE SOME DAMN FINE SKILLS.


Thank you, Vanity Fair, for getting my mind out of the gutter with this interesting take on what was realllly going on in the scene:

Mindy’s role as spectator and the gender dynamic flip at play here might be more significant than you realize. In a post–Magic Mike world, Danny on display may not seem all that groundbreaking. But don’t forget that when it comes to network sitcoms, women are still often seen as objects and prizes to be won. And even in a broader TV landscape increasingly populated by strong and complicated women, the female gaze that Kaling pulls off here is actually fairly rare.

As Mindy Kaling tweeted:


P.S. Watch the full, glorious sequence here