Our Patio Makeover

When we moved into our Mini Mexican Melrose Place last August, I vowed to do something about the neglected-but-charming patio area that our little bungalow community shares.  But hey, I'm a procrastinator, which is why it took a full year, a new neighbour who gave me a kick up the arse and the prospect of another summer gone by to actually make me get my butt into gear. It took my mate Gypsy (expert creative type and aforementioned neighbour) and me (enthusiastic-but-clueless type) about two weeks of work-break mini DIY sessions to paint, plant and pretty up the patio. Kinda cool what some new succulents, a spot of rearranging and a splash of paint can do, no?

Then, of course, we had to 'launch' the space! Friends and neighbours came and partied, grilled and made use of our built-in photobooth (um, the door). It was the most fun I've had in a long time.